Geez wtf America? This week was also another crazy episode that shouldn’t have happened. The challenge for this week was “bring the beat” where each crew had to make their own beat using specific props related to a high school gym. Again, sounds like episode 4 of last season.

With only 5 teams left there were only 3 crews that would make it to see next week. First was between So Real, Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul. This one was predictable since Supreme Soul didn’t do so hot last week leaving them to fight in the bottom.

First up was Fanny Pak performing to N.E.R.D – Spaz using P.E. props. It was a funny performance and very theatrical like always but I’m still not impressed with their skills. They may be the underdogs but this show is supposed to be for the best. Judges said they were a bit confusing and not as clean. Does this mean we’ll see them in the bottom two next week?

Next was So Real performing to Eve – Tambourine using band props. There was also a special appearance from Ailyn’s parents all the way from Houston, Texas. It was really sad to see her talk about the difficulties. I’m glad she stuck with dancing because So Real was one of the best crews tonight. They were very clean and smooth with a lot of intricate details. Judges also praised them for their choreography and for completing the challenge.

Next were the last two crews, Super Crew and Boogie Bots. Surprisingly enough, Boogie Bots came out on top.

Boogie Bot performed to Common feat Pharrell – Universal Mind Control using bench warmer props. This was a cool routine that had a lot of quirks that made me laugh, especially the flash dance move at the end. But somehow the Lil’ Mama was not pumped up by their routine. But the other real judges thought that they were creative and did really well.

Next were the bottom two crews, Super Crew and Supreme Soul. Big shocker! While I’m not a Supreme Soul fan, I didn’t expect them to face off against Super Crew.

Super Crew went first with their performance to Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me Now using basketball props. It was a funny and creative routine that had an interesting ending. I can’t believe I had to wait till the end of the show to be blown away and by one of the bottom crews. Wtf?!

Supreme Soul performed to T-Pain – Church using hockey props. Definitely very theatrical and they never left the hockey illusion. It was honestly their best performance all season.

Judges loved both crews and kept commenting on how badly America sucks at voting. Unfortunately they still have to send one of the crews home and it was Supreme Soul. I thought they would at least make it for another few weeks. Really America, wtf?

Next week’s challenge is Missy Elliot who will also be making a guest appearance. Don’t forget to vote, and for the love of God vote right.

Boogie Bots: AVI | MP4

Fanny Pak: AVI | MP4

So Real: AVI | MP4

Supreme Soul and Super Crew: AVI | MP4

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I like both Boogie Bots and Super Crew. this is soooooo hard!!!

Yea if Super Cr3w goes, then I’ll lose a little respect for the show and for America!

Man if Super Crew got voted off, then I’ll stop watching the show.

Who has the new iPhone 3G? You wasted your money raspberry


They plan to do 3 seasons a year? That’s crazy, but I don’t mind smile

Minty: apparently the judges liked it. I think it was ok. Seen better from them.

Fanny Pak has an advantage this week cuz of the prop theme.

That’s a cool t-shirt they have. I want one!

I wasn’t in love with performance by SoReal. Am I the only one?

Awww, how is she a disappointment to her parents. That’s so sad.

Fanny Pak is doing much better than expected, but there’s no way they’ll win.

Dammit I missed the first number. But at least it was fanny pak raspberry

I agree with Jekki, they should post the results.

So anyone plan on voting for Fanny Pak?

I’m kinda sad there’s no opening number like last week.

Interesting performance by Fanny Pak. They’re so good with props!

I just don’t want to Super Cr3w to get voted off…

Haha Last week was really cool. Crazy but at least it wasn’t boring.

Wonder if this is another wild and crazy voting episode.

Good luck to all the crews!

I hope its not something stupid like the speed challenge. I nearly died because it was so boring!

No idea.

What’s the challenge this week?

Do they post the voting results for American Idol?

Maybe they do it so people won’t know what’s going to happen on the show? But they should still post it afterward.

30 mins to go!

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