Hi everyone! My name is Maimounah Masudi and I am a native North Carolinian. Right now I am a senior attending Fayetteville State University and my major is Accounting. I also work as an Accounting Clerk IV at the Bursar’s office at my university. One of my favorite pets is a kitty cat. They are usually small, unless you have a Garfield sized one. I love it when they purr on you and when they pounce on things. I love their cute little eyes and their wirey whiskers. I’m sort of a health fanatic. I love to eat lots of green things. I eat out of cans as less as possible. I love fresh fruit and I think I might die if I go without exercising for a day. I am a Korean drama fanatic. I have even learned the Hangul characters and I can say a few things in Hangul. I also took Mandarin last year and it was so much fun.

I am honored to be a part of the Ningin team. It is very important to me to talk about Asian American issues particularly more so in America, then abroad, because the Asian Americans are a group of people in the United States that have been oppressed in so many ways even in this day and time. The Asian Americans have such a long history in this country and they have contributed to American society greatly. Being an Asian American is as American as apple pie is ever going to get. It is every Asian American’s right to be given a golden opportunity to succeed in every which way possible in this country without being judged solely by their outward appearance.

My blog will mainly concentrate on Asian/Asian American issues, some political in nature, found locally, nationally, and/or internationally.

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