To say that I have never driven in Seoul, South Korea is a lie. To say that I have driven on the US military bases in Seoul, South Korea is the truth. However, to say that I have never driven on South Korean soil is the truth. Confused? Bottom line: I have yet to drive outside of the US military bases in Seoul or anywhere in South Korea. Why? Here’s why:

1) Public transportation is cheap and effective.
2) I live near the base so I can easily walk to and from there.
3) I think I’d rather jump off of the Seoul Tower before even attempting to drive in the dreaded traffic.
4) I usually do not go anywhere far to need a car.
5) I have a personal chauffeur by the name of Daddy, and I’ll take advantage of that as long as I can.

Really, though, reason 3 is probably the most serious answer ever. Driving in Seoul is not fun. Being a pedestrian in Seoul isn’t fun, either. Not only do we have crazy drivers, but we have crazy motorcyclists and way too many auto-mobiles, buses, and trucks being congested on the narrow Seoul streets. After growing up in this crazy traffic land, I can’t imagine the situation getting any better. Therefore, whenever I read news about the South Korean government attempts to solve some traffic problems . . . I just have a good laugh. Here are some recent articles focusing on Seoul traffic:

Seoul Declares War Against Bikers — This cracks me up in ways that also makes me go wha–? I mean it took them, what, ten years to realise that these crazy motorcyclists are probably more dangerous than drunk drivers? I mean, I have a feeling this campaign will fail, but still is the bureaucratic system that bad to come up with this campaign ten years later?

Water Taxi — Alternative to Rush Hour — Um. This is actually pretty interesting. I am not sure when I’ll ever need a reason to try it since I imagine it’s more convenient for the people who needs to cross the Han River or who lives along side it! In a way, though, the idea of boat taxis just sounds utterly fantastic and hilarious.

Leave Your Cars at Home Monday — I recall them starting this two years ago. Back then I was sceptical at whether the idea will work, and I still am. Don’t ask me if traffic was good on September 22 or at least around my area. I didn’t pay attention to the news, so I wasn’t aware of the event and wasn’t able to exactly look for the results. Instead of having it once a year, I think it might help it was held like every three months or something. That’s just me, though.

To conclude, I’ll just stick with public transportations, walking, and carpools, avoid rush hour, and get ready to hit a car or something with a frying pan or a hand in self-defence if someone try to run me down, curse my sweet head off, and growl about how some people should not have a licence!