Hello everybody! I’m Erik, a new blogger here! Introductions have never been my thing, so I’ll make this short. I live in New England, in Connecticut. I’ve been into Asian media for quite a few years and I’ve come across only a few people who were familiar with Asian entertainment until just recently. I feel like it’s getting a bit more recognition in other parts of the world, and hopefully by being a part of this site I can take part in it, no matter how big or small! I started out with Japanese music, where I liked the typical popular artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Namie Amuro, and Olivia Lufkin, etc, but that was it. I began to venture into other types of Asian media such as dramas and other forms of entertainment, my obsession as of late being K-pop, with groups and singers like The Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, Lee Hyori, SHINee, and others.

More recently I’ve been getting into more than just the music, and I’ve been learning more about the culture. By being a part of this site, I hope that I can share what is already familiar to me, but also learn more about the other aspects of Asian culture. Because this is my first time participating in a site like this, I realize that my skill may not be equivalent to fellow other bloggers here, but I feel i will get used to it and be just as good if I keep trying…I only joined this site when DavidHou invited me to blog here after seeing that I’d uploaded Ningin’s English interview of the Wonder Girls on my YouTube channel. It seemingly came out of nowhere, but I am honored to have the privilege of posting here. I can’t wait to get to know everyone here and hopefully make new friends and share my knowledge. Like I said in the beginning, for some reason introductions are extremely hard for me and even writing this was a challenge, simply because I never know what exactly to say. I’ll end it now with only a thank you and it’s nice to meet you all!

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