It’s great to see so many enthusiast Megaman movie fans here on Ningin. We had way more entries than we expected and so it took us a bit to sort them out. I think next time we’ll do an automated form or something.

Without further ado here are the winners and their prizes:

Rawr – Megaman 9 video game for Wii
Zeno – Megaman Movie DVD
Joderb - DVD
Tsanguan - DVD

None of the winners were from the NYC area thus no movie premiere tickets were given out.

The answers to the questions we were looking for:

1. What bosses will be in the film?
Every boss present in the first Megaman game will be featured in the film.

2. Which animes and films influenced the Megaman movie?
“Ghost in the Shell”, “Akira” and the original Rockman OAV from Japan. For film, I used “Blade Runner”, “The Terminator”, “T2″. and especially a film out of Japan entitled “Casshern”.

3. Which anime did guest blogger Louis Ponder pick for our anime Round Table Discussion?

4. During Ningin’s interview with the Wonder Girls at this year’s Chuseok Festival, what was the name of the artist that inspired them?
JY Park

5. What year did Pepero come out in South Korea?

We realize some of the answers could be found on multiple URLs within Ningin and we allowed for that. Also, we should’ve made it much clearer that we were only looking for URLs within the Ningin family of sites as some of you gave us links to Wikipedia or YouTube. Even though that was the intent, we still allowed outside URLs as possible correct answers, but don’t expect that to work in the future! What we didn’t allow for in the answers were non-specific links. So or were thrown out. We made sure the answers could not be found within the general links.

For some reason Question 5 was wrong a lot but with the same wrong answer, 1994. That was the year Pepero Day started but not when the snack came out in South Korea. Good thing this wasn’t an SAT test =)

For those that won, congratz again! The DVD is still a few months away from being released but you’ll be guaranteed to get the first batch. Please reply back to your private message from megaman_contest asking for your address information.

If users don’t claim their prizes by the end of the week, we’ll contact the next winner(s) in line.

Thanks to everyone who entered and didn’t win. Don’t worry, we’ll be doing more contests in the coming weeks when we have more content and things to give away.

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