Having been around for almost a decade now, Boa has accomplished a lot in her young life. Not only was she discovered by chance at the age of 13, but she is the most well known Asian pop artist of our time. From her training days to her U.S. debut, the young artist continues to excel beyond limitations.

On that note, I’ve made a small timeline of her journey to fame. While it is a short timeline, I expect her to be around for much longer now that she has crossed over to the US.

Stay tuned to the rest of the week as fellow Ningin bloggers talk in more detail about her career.

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1986 – Born on Nov. 5 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

1998 – Discovered by SM Entertainment while accompanying her brother to an audition

2000 – Debuted with ID; Peace B on Aug. 25

2001 - Hosted radio program Beat it BoA’s World on Japan FM Network
– Recorded Charity single “The Meaning of Peace” with Koda Kumi for Sept 11 victims

2002 - Release Korean album No. 1
– Released Japanese album Listen to my Heart, first album to top both Korean and Japanese charts

2003 – Released Korean album Atlantis Princess
– Release Japanese album Valenti becoming her best selling album
- Launch BoA 1st Live Tour Valenti in Japan

2004 - Released Japanese album Love and Honest and Korean album My Name
- Donated 50 Million Won to Korean Independence memorial project bring controversy in Japan

2005 - Released Korean album Girls on Top

2006 - Released Japanese album Outgrow
- Launched Zepp Tou – BOA The Live
- Voiced Heather in movie Over The Hedge

2007 - Released Japanese album Made in Twenty and again changed her image
- Launched Nationwide tour of Japan
- Joined AnyBand

2008 - Korean jewelry Ramee released Ramee by BoA designed by the artist
- Covered Wei Wei – Dedication of Love with 9 other artists to raise funds for Sichuan Earthquake victims
- Released Japanese album The Face, began writing her own songs
- Debuted in the USA with Eat You Up topping the online music charts
- Performed at Youtube Live Tokyo
- Set to perform in Times Square NYC on Dec. 3 and Jingle Ball LA on Dec. 6

2009 - Release English album Look Who’s Talking

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