Happy New Year from Ningin! 2008 has been a year for us to remember. Who would have guessed we’d have so many exclusive interviews, great contests, special events, and above all, Asian entertainment news! Check out out Ningin End of the Year special page right here.

We’d like to give special thanks to everyone who helped us to grow so much in 2008:
Mia Lerda, Elena Stevenson, Phil Lam, Tiffanie Lee, Jinra Illustrimo, Stephen Chen, Andrew Lim, Alvin Lin, Jeanette Eng, Eddie Lebron, Amy Chang, Peter Chin, Jennifer Goldberg, UMGD Digital Distribution, NetReach, Jerry Chen, Tara Popp, Jessica Dawson, Lara Visconti, Ming Min Hui (GirlyBubble.com), Maimounah Masudi, KahriAnne Kerr (GirlyBubble.com), JudyMae Choe (GirlyBubble.com), Tiffany Robinson (GirlyBubble.com), Councilman Ron Kim, Soyoung Ahn, Miss Info (Hot 97FM), Nancy Bulalacao, Ken Leung, David Shaw, Samuel Jamier, Erik Taylor, Ami, Ani Khashadoorian (GirlyBubble.com), JYP Entertainment, Hana Emily Lee, Kendall Woontaek Na, Mina Choi, SM Entertainment, Jason Kong, Benson Lee, Amy Lo, Johnny Lee, Planet B-Boy, she, New York-Tokyo, Steve Fuller, Taeko Baba, Jason Tom, New York Anime Festival, Reed Expo, Kyle Marsden-Kish, Peter Tatara, Amirah Masudi, Asian American Film Lab, Slant Eye for the Round Eye, AllKpop, Yellow People Music, Daron Jenkins, Louis Ponder, Japan Society, Alex Shih, Ichi Pi, Wonder Girls, and BoA Kwon.

This list is no way complete. I can only remember so much after New Years Eve… but let’s not forget YOU helped us get to where we are with your support of Ningin!

We’re looking to grow bigger and better in 2009. We wish the same good fortune for you, our Ningin readers! Thank you so much for being with us in 2008. We won’t let you down in 2009!