Clouds Of Rain Bi, an online petition aiming to aid Rain in his legal troubles, was an international effort started by fans in June 2007. With almost 9000 signature submissions to date, the online document is still going strong. Most people are aware that this legal issue has ended in Rain’s favor (at least, in theory); however, others continue to blindly sign it.

For those of you living under a rock, in Summer 2007 Rain embarked on his “I’m Coming” American tour. The concerts were postponed due to an injunction the superstar received to cease and desist using the name Rain. The Rain Corporation, which has no relation to the Korean Idol, applied for the injunction after the Korean superstar performed in Las Vegas back in 2005. They claimed financial losses due to the singer using the name. The company, which is based in Nevada, manages a group of Beatles impersonators called “Rain: The Beatles experience.” In the end, the copycat singers couldn’t prove their case in court. Although Rain won the right to use the name legally, the effect the court case had on postponing his musical tour was a substantial loss for the singer.

Despite the storm having passed, these fan-girls have not gotten the memo. Maybe they are confused about the legal troubles that followed him after this case? Then again, Rain should feel very happy knowing his fans still think about him.