It’s time for Seung Ri to shine and get really dirty in the process. His solo single “Strong Baby” is an upbeat catchy song that reminds me of Justin Timberlake. Well, he likes NSYNC so I’m not surprised.

First thing I noticed is G-Dragon. His little cameo was always cute; however, Seung Ri standing next to G-Dragon makes him more masculine than usual. I guess its supposed to show viewers how mature Seung Ri is becoming, but it just made me cringe.

We start with this “CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK” dance thing. You tell me what the hell that means. We’ve also got him in his car with the crazy chick in the front driving. He’s so mature he can’t even drive a car. He does get with the “Last Farewell” lady in the end so I guess it’s a plus for his maturity but then he takes off his shirt and shows his abs. I’m not saying his abs were bad but I’m used to Seung Ri being the little unimportant brother of Big Bang. All I can say is good luck with your solo career Seung Ri. I still like Tae Yang’s solo “Look Only at Me” MV better.

Seung Ri - Strong Baby

Seung Ri and his love for NSYNC