Heaven, I’m in Heaven . . . when we’re off together dancing kimbap to kimbap!

Kudos to those who know the original song and the original singer. Seriously, if this wonderful Kimbap Cheonguk (Heaven) chain restaurant ever disappeared from South Korea, I’d cry. If it ever disappeared out of my neighbourhood, I’d go on a rampage to the headquarters! Not that it will happen, since there are two of these in my neighbourhood — a mere minute apart from one another — so as long as one remains . . .

Because my work schedule turned wonky and doesn’t match my parents’ schedule, I haven’t been eating my mum’s home cooked meals. Because I’m lazy and do not like cooking, I’ve been buying my dinner from this place as takeout. I mean, come on. The cheapest item on the list is the 1,500 won kimbap (with the current exchange rate, it’s a little over a dollar). The “fancier” kimbaps cost 2,500 won ($2.15), and then there are other dishes like bibimbap, fried rice, ddeokbokki, and etcetera, which are usually under 5,000 won ($4.50). So, yes, their stuff is affordable. Plus, they also deliver the food to you. Not bad, really!

Right now, my favourite thing from them is kimchi kimbap. MMM. I just had some for dinner. Now I want more!