The first Music Round Up of the year! I’ve kept this going strong for the past year and I’m so happy that we’re finally in the new year.

But before the year could end, Apop stars put on their last performances of 2008. Here’s a few that I found the most entertaining; however, this is only a handful of them. There are plenty more!


DBSK at SBS Gayo

Of course DBSK is on the list especially for this specific performance. Not only did the shove the government’s ban (on the original Mirotic) back in their face but they took off their shirts! Ah! Unfortunately, nobody got a HQ shot but the video is just as good.

Wonder Bang at MBC Music Festival

I thought this mash up could have been better but there were a lot of fan girl moments. My personal favorite out of the 5 individual duets was the Seung Ri and Yoo Bin. Maybe in the future we can hope for a DBSK and WG mash up?

Wonder Boys at SBS Gayo

Every time I see them, it gets funnier and funnier. They really get into the dance moves and it’s so cute to see WG follow along in their seats. Honestly, these boys are better off in WB than in their own bands.

Jero at Kohaku Uta Gassen 2008

Out of all the Kohaku performances, I thought this was probably the best. Sorry Ayumi! In case you didn’t know, Jero’s grandma wished for him to become an enka singer and appear on Japan’s famous Kohaku competition. Well he fulfilled this wish this year, the same year he debut. Go Jero!

Girl’s Generation/SNSD – Gee Teaser

SNSD finally released their teaser video. I’m not quite a fan of the band but I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the MV in addition to their mini-album that comes out on the 7th. Thanks for the tip AllKPop!