On Christmas Eve, capsule’s “Live in Tokyo” EP went on sale on both the Japan and US iTunes Stores. In 2008, iTunes passed Walmart in music sales, making it the number 1 music retailer in the US. This makes the trendsetting electronic Japanese duo now widely available to the American music market. All that’s left is for America to give them a listen.

“Live in Tokyo” EP has four live mixes of “More More More”, “The Mutations of Life”, “JUMPER” and “Pleasure Ground” for only $3.96 USD. Each track features producer Yasutaka Nakata adding some extra touches of his producing wizardry for the live show. Personally, I much more prefer this new longer version of “Pleasure Ground”, but I’m a sucker for the orgel sound. (What’s that? Google it! ^_^)

Other capsule albums now available on the US iTunes Store are “Flash back”, “capsule RMX”, “Sugarless Girl” and the latest album “More! More! More!”. Yasutaka Nakata’s other Japanese superstar electronic group Perfume hasn’t made to the US iTunes Store yet but we can all hope for 2009…

If you haven’t heard capsule, check out this sample mix from their “Flash back” album!