Nowadays, more than 90% of Taiwanese citizens move on to attain higher education, and with a literacy rate of more than 90%, it’s safe to say the nation loves its learnin’. This year, the Ministry of Education has extended the love to elderly citizens, most of whom could not attend college because of financial and social issues. It looks like Grandpa and Grandma don’t get to walk away with a real degree, but they get to fully immerse themselves in a college environment for five days and four nights. It’s like a getaway for the academic brainiacs that could’ve been.

As many of you might agree, some of the most intelligent and voracious learners may not have the opportunity to attend college or even high school, and many of our older loved ones fall into this category. By now, I doubt higher education could teach senior citizens more than they have already learned and accumulated throughout their lives, but it sure doesn’t mean that many won’t get a kick out of finally being able to take on the scholastic experience. More than that, this may be the fulfillment of a life’s ambition for many senior citizens, as well. I’m kind of surprised the ROC government has actually set aside a budget for this–surprised in a good way, of course. It’s refreshing to hear that the sun never sets when it comes to learning and experiencing new things in the golden years.

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i wouldnt want my grandparents at college with me ^^

It raises the literacy rate?

Well at least they have some redeeming factors like this one although I don’t see how it’ll do the country any good in the long run.

Sakura: Haha, my parents do it at buffets, too. They used to come home with random cookies folded up in napkins for me.

Pods + khmeresmily: True that. I wonder how much federal money has been set aside for the senior citizen program, but I really doubt it’s substantial because this story is more of a human interest clipping than it is front page news. I guess the way they see it, educational programs are not frivolous investments. I share the same sentiments, but I absolutely agree that this is a dire period for Taiwan, and the government should be more proactive about it. Unfortunately, though, President Ma does not know what is good for the country or it’s people.

You bring up a good point.

This is really great, but at the same time I wonder why the government is spending money on a program like this when jobs in Taiwan are being lost every day and exports are plummeting. It’s a great program, but maybe right now isn’t the right time.

@Tiff: LOL! My parents do that. Sometimes my mom bring tubberware. -.-;

This is really awesome. I loved seniors who went to my college too. They always were awesome study buddies.

Thanks for the kind words, Elena. Old folks deserve much respect, agreed and agreed.

Asian film predictions:

Thanks for sharing some good news, Tiffanie. Warms my heart. The old folks deserve that respect.

Sakura: LOL they do get to stay in dorms… I’m sure there’ll just be a lot of “Well, I’m just going to fold this cafeteria food into my napkin for when I get hungry later...”

japangirl: Totally. I get the feeling a lot of people will be into this.

Juliang: I’m sorry to hear that…

khmeresmily: For this program, I think the senior citizens have their own thing going on, as far as the classroom/dorm experience is concerned. It’d be really funny to be in the same class with one’s own grandparents though… hehe.

kendall: Haha! I could see myself studying with my Grandpa Toro and getting a mental smack down by him.

Jerry: I wonder! He okay’d the Ministry of Education’s plans/signed it, that’s for sure. + nightfire: Haha!! FeeneyFeeneyFeeneyFeeney

i’d be surprised if president ma didn’t have a hand in this.  taiwanese oba(ma) looks to be doing a good job so far getting things back on track - let’s hope ameribama can hold up his end of the stick.

I remember that episode!

This reminds me of Boy Meets World when Fenny went back to college.

I can’t imagine cheating off my grandpa. haha

They should have a class specifically for older people.

My grandparents are too old to even move around.

This is really good. I wonder if anyone will take advantage of it.

Hopefully they don’t party like college kids. XD

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