Nowadays, more than 90% of Taiwanese citizens move on to attain higher education, and with a literacy rate of more than 90%, it’s safe to say the nation loves its learnin’. This year, the Ministry of Education has extended the love to elderly citizens, most of whom could not attend college because of financial and social issues. It looks like Grandpa and Grandma don’t get to walk away with a real degree, but they get to fully immerse themselves in a college environment for five days and four nights. It’s like a getaway for the academic brainiacs that could’ve been.

As many of you might agree, some of the most intelligent and voracious learners may not have the opportunity to attend college or even high school, and many of our older loved ones fall into this category. By now, I doubt higher education could teach senior citizens more than they have already learned and accumulated throughout their lives, but it sure doesn’t mean that many won’t get a kick out of finally being able to take on the scholastic experience. More than that, this may be the fulfillment of a life’s ambition for many senior citizens, as well. I’m kind of surprised the ROC government has actually set aside a budget for this–surprised in a good way, of course. It’s refreshing to hear that the sun never sets when it comes to learning and experiencing new things in the golden years.