A few months ago Singaporean Singer JJ Lin released his newest album Sixology and my goodness do I enjoy it VERY MUCH! There are a whole bunch of new elements in this album and of course some classic JJ sounding songs. I was really excited about the various collaborations included: Charlene Choi, Machi, FAMA, and Kym Jin Sha to bring absolute flavor to each track.

I admit I was a bit iffy when it came to C-pop but I do remember seeing and hearing about JJ a lot when looking for other J-pop or K-pop music. His face and name was everywhere on sites but I never paid much attention. It wasn’t until I started taking Chinese classes that I had an interest in C-pop. This is because we all know how well the fangirl method works when learning a new language. It was actually Lara who said give this JJ guy a try and ever since I listened to “Sha Shou” I fell in love!

I love listening to every and any JJ song! He has such a soothing voice and a song to fit just about any mood. I really love him for his relaxing songs and melodies. This new album is no different. Two of my favorite songs on the album include High Fashion and Lord Vadar. Love and Hope is also a very touching song that JJ wrote for the Sichuan earthquake victims and even features a lovely child chorus.

Oh JJ! you touch my soul with this one! But don’t take my word for it, go discover the power of JJ Lin for your self. Trust me you wont be disappointed.