This past Saturday, the Mixr Media family celebrated the holidays at the first Ningin-GirlyBubble Holiday Mixr in New York City!

Our bloggers often work on their own time and far apart, so the Holiday Mixr was a great opportunity for everyone to get together offline. Some of us even met for the first time in person! We shared drinks and karaoke over a yummy Korean dinner of Squid Bokum (spicy!), Budae Jigae and grilled Kalbi. Some of us showed off dance moves straight from the Wonder Girls and BoA. This resulted in some of us getting free dance lessons.

Unfortunately, Hoc Poeng and Anne Chou had prior commitments and couldn’t attend. Trust me, they would rather have been there with us. Pictured from left to right: Samuel Jamier, David Hou, Ming Min Hui, Amy Chang, Jessica Dawson, Lan Nguyen, Mia Lerda, Tiffanie Robinson, Peter Chin, KahriAnne Kerr, Damien Sarcuni (brother of Mia), and Sebastien Visconti (brother of Lara, she just left for China the day before!). Not pictured because he had to leave early: Andrew Lim.

Sadly, not everyone could make it. We shared a drink in honor of our absent bloggers: Tara Popp, Lara Visconti, Ani Khashadoorian, Elena Stevenson, Maimounah Masudi, Jerry Chen, Erik Taylor, Jinra Ilustrisimo, Tiffanie Lee, David Shaw, Eddie Lebron, and Alex Shih. We hope to see them soon at another event we host for our bloggers!

Hoc, Anne, Lan, and myself thank all of the Ningin and GirlyBubble bloggers for their hard work in helping us all grow together in 2008. We’re looking forward to a great, GREAT 2009!