Because of Lan, I discovered a really bizarre cross-dressing Japanese variety show of some sort. I know Japan is known to be “weird,” and I know they (like Korea) like to have some weird television shows, but this is one thing I would have never expected to see on TV.

Anyway, during the show, a guy comes out all primped up. (I’ve been told that the guy’s friend makes him become a contestant, which in itself is ironic?) The host (some perverted old dude) then yaks on about something, and in some of these “episodes,” they even bring out a picture of what the guy really looks like. Then after more yakking, this group of guests rates the guy on a scale of 1 to 5 (one being bad and five being awesome). There are 102 “episodes” of these. I went through all of them and decided to choose several to showcase just how pretty some of these guys are. Oh, and there are also these sort of mean ones and really mean ones. I thought the second one was really cruel. But anyway, here are the ones that are nice and “normal.”


Yes, I’m aware this guy doesn’t look very feminine, but his enthusiasm is the best I’ve seen out of all the guys. He just cracks me up.


I personally thought this dude turned out nice. I was surprised by his low ratings.


Again, he’s not feminine, but the way he displays his facial expressions made me laugh my silly head off. He kind of reminds me of someone, but I’m not sure who.


I like his hair. XD It sort of doesn’t fit him, but he still looks pretty.


That is totally not a guy. It never ceases to amaze me when a guy looks prettier than a gal.


Wow. This guy received all 5’s. I personally though #64 looked better than him. But this guy’s still pretty.


This is the first one I saw (that Lan sent me), and it’s my favourite from all of them. He’s so pretty! He should have received all 5’s!


For some reason, this one grabbed my attention. However, that flower needs to go elsewhere.


Again, he’s another one who received all 5’s, and I can see why . . .


HOLY CRAP. I had #93 as my last choice, but then I stumbled upon this! I was thinking #68 is the best, but several people commented on how #96 was awesome, and it is . . . WOW. JUST WOW. He got all 5’s, too. He totally deserved that. This one is tied with #68 as my favourite.


Holy crap. It’s amazing how much wigs, make-up, shaving, and clothes can transform a person. I’m still reeling from the shock brought on by #96. Just, whoah!

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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Easy for you to say.

It’s not that bad.

Pride > Money

@IPSD—I dunno?  A chance to be on TV?  Who knows. XD

I recognize so many of the celebrity audience like Katori Shingo from SMAP!. The ones you picked are motto motto KAWAII~!

LOL! OMG this is so cute and funny. I feel so ugly compared to some of these guys.

Oh yeah I was a cheerleader for powder puff football.

Reminds me of my highschool spirit week. haha

Guys are like barbies to chics. lol This is funny though.

Why would they agree to do this?

Aw so cute. hehe

Some of them I can’t even tell they’re guys.

Korea did the same thing but to celebrities.

I remember this. I couldn’t stop laughing at some of them because they looked so cute.

Hehehe I love this show. I’m glad you do too.

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