Oh Meizu, how long you have made me wait,
For your so-called iPhone killer, the highly anticipated M8.

Your Miniplayer, the first mp3 player I bought with my cash wad,
Long I researched for a player not cursed with the name iPod.

Anythingbutipod.com showed me the way,
Spoke of excellent build quality and audio quality as bright as the sun’s ray.

So I headed over to Amazon,
Dropped $180 without a yawn,
And I still love my Miniplayer today.

So imagine my excitement,
With your M8 incitement,
Finally, a worthy alternative to the iPhone—hurray!

They shouted “Apple Ripoff!” “Cheap China Knock-off!”
While I thought “Bah, the LG Prada came first,” under my little mock cough.

After all, who cares? Just look at your feature list:
WinCE, a better screen, a faster processor, massive codec support, anything else I missed?

But delay was met with more delay :(
Together with the uninspiring all-too-similar press shots caused my interests to decay.

However, the day assuredly came,
After enduring months of Apple fanboy flame,
The M8 was no longer a concept and was finally in the Meizu store display.

True to your name, the M8 delivers:
Overall positive comments from review givers.
And until it comes Stateside, I’ll just have to keep my eagerness at bay…

So to all the naysayers, isn’t about time you stop the hate?
Just go home to your iPod, and leave us to revel in our new Meizu M8~

More info over at ZiggyTek!

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