During the taping of the Boys vs. Girls episode of ABDC, I got the chance to speak with the friendly and laid back Justin Chon. The 27-year-old actor recently received national attention for his performance as Eric Yorkie in Twilight and is currently on the heels of another success: the upcoming film Crossing Over, an intense drama that weaves together several vignettes about immigrants in Los Angeles.

Why was he hanging out at ABDC, you ask? It turns out that Justin’s apparel store, Attic, which is located in San Diego and in his home base of Orange County, is currently supplying clothing for the boys of Quest Crew. In this two-part interview, we touch upon his past work, his inspirations, his dream projects and his ethos on acting. I enjoyed getting to know this passionate young actor, and I hope you guys will, too.

TJL: Can you tell us more about your store?

JC: It’s called Attic, and every season we’ve provided clothing for certain teams, and this year, we ended up providing clothes for Quest.

TJL: So, it’s more like an urban style, street wear kind of store?

JC: Yeah, and I’m out here to support the show and support them [Quest] and check it out [ABDC]. I’m a huge fan of the show.

TJL: In regards to your store, do you do any designing for the lines? Or is it consigned?

JC: No, it’s not consigned. We have accounts with different brands, and I’m not really too involved with the buying, but one of my best friends [James Yang] runs the store with me. He’s mostly in charge of that. But yeah, we just kind of got together and started buying a lot of clothes we like and [are] selling them now, yeah.

TJL: Very cool. It’s great if you can make a living doing that.

JC: Yeah, definitely.

TJL: I understand that your father was an actor in Korea, right?

JC: Mmhm.

TJL: What was that experience like for you, and how did that impact you as a kid?

JC: When I was young—growing up—I used to watch his black and white movies, and it definitely influenced me a lot because I was just like, “That’s possible?” Even back then, that was like in the 60’s, so that drove me to kind of follow my dreams. But there’s a little bit of a difference. He did it out of necessity; he needed to make money. I always had an interest in acting, but he allowed me to be like, “Okay, well, you can do it.”

TJL: Did he have any words of advice for you when you started getting into acting?

JC: I mean, he’s just like, “It’s a really lonely road. It’s a really hard life, but if you’re up for it, go for it.” And he gave me a few acting tips, and he continues to critique my work. [laughs]

TJL: And what’s his best advice so far?

JC: I would say… he says all the time, “You gotta make it real. You gotta make it truthful.”

TJL: And on that subject—on Eric Yorkie—what sort of preparation went into that role? Because it’s not typical [in mainstream American media] that a person of Asian descent is given a role that actually transcends all colors and barriers.

JC: Yeah. I just thought of it not in terms of color. I was just like, “What does this kid [Yorkie] need, and what does he want? And what’s his main driving force in life?” I just figured that he’s just like anybody else. He really wants to be liked, but really liked to an extreme. So, at his school—I boiled it down to one word: he’s like a diplomat.

TJL: Yeah, he is.

JC: Yeah, so he’s the type of guy in your school where he’s friends with one guy from each crew.

TJL: Ah, the interloper.

JC: Yeah! [laughs] So, he just drifts around. He has his little clique, but he’s in with everybody. So, he obviously has to be in a good mood all the time and [be] very energetic and [be] someone that people want to be around. And he might not be funny, but he tries to be.

TJL: Will we be able to expect to see him in the subsequent [Twilight] films?

JC: I think so, I think so.

TJL: People like [Yorkie]—when they’re always trying to please other people—are sometimes very repressed on the inside because they can’t show anger or loneliness, so will you eventually get a chance to play any of that in the later films?

JC: I don’t think in Twi—actually, I have no idea because I haven’t read the scripts yet, but I know in my other movie that’s coming out, you’ll see a lot of drama.

Part 2/2 of our Justin Chon interview!

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I just watched Twilight. ^^ I saw Justin!!!

Did you get any free clothes? smile

So is this your new boyfriend Tiff? raspberry

This guy kinda looks like a vampire…

Great interview Tiffanie! He seems like a nice guy!

holycow - 02/21/09 3:18 am

Anyone thinks it’s kinda sad that Justin has this bit part in a tweenie movie, yet he’s Asian America’s biggest male actor?

It’s better than nothing.

Anyone thinks it’s kinda sad that Justin has this bit part in a tweenie movie, yet he’s Asian America’s biggest male actor?

caro - 02/20/09 5:06 pm

My sister wants to marry this guy. rofl.

So does mine! LOL

mmmmhmmm Twilight sequel. Anyone know when that’s coming out?

Didn’t know Justin’s dad was an actor.

Looks like Crossing Over is in limited release next week: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0924129/releaseinfo

i think that means only NYC and LA gets to see it while everyone else has to wait.

Love Justin Chon hehe

Went to see Twilight like 3 times because he was so sexxxy! I can’t wait for the sequel ^^

What a wonderful interview Tiffanie and what a lovely picture smile

The crossing over movie looks like it’ll have a lot of Asians, especially south Asians. Sounds interesting to me too.

Nice interview, thanks Tiffanie!

My sister wants to marry this guy. rofl.

Oh I remember this guy.

Yay for successful Asian male actors!!

Can’t wait for part 2!

Well the Crossover movie is coming out next week so we’ll see how diverse an actor Justin really is.

He’s soooo sexy...but in a girly way ^^

Crossover movie plot is about border crossing issues and immigration. Could be a sleeper, literally....

what a nice fella! and what a great interview, tiff. looking forward to part 2! :D

Ooo I love Justin! Great interview Tiffanie! You’re so lucky to have met him in the flesh!

japangirl - 02/19/09 9:06 pm

I love this guy! He’s so cute! Thanks Tiff!

You’re welcome smile

bluesky - 02/19/09 9:17 pm

Oh wow he has his own brand? That’s awesome! I love the clothes Quest wears.

The clothes aren’t actually under the “Attic” brand because he and his partner have accounts with other designers/brands, but all the Quest threads do come from his store.

azn - 02/19/09 11:10 pm

Who’s his dad btw?

Not sure, but it looks like he was acting in South Korean during the 60’s.

mikey - 02/19/09 11:11 pm

Ahhh, Justin....even though he’s 27...like a kid in high school, he’ll only go to the school dance if Leonardo Nam and Aaron Yoo are there.  Justin...Quest is going down! - abdc6.jpg

Haha, we know you love the Beat Freaks! raspberry Cool pic of Justin and Tony.

Dragoness - 02/20/09 12:32 am

How do you meet all these people? haha This is so awesome!

I met Justin by chance at ABDC, and he was nice enough to grant us the impromptu interview.

minty - 02/20/09 2:41 am

A lot of times it seems that you have to get lucky in the roles you pick. I’m sure he didn’t think Twilight was gonna make him this famous.

Yeah, he addresses that in part 2. Stay tuned!

A lot of times it seems that you have to get lucky in the roles you pick. I’m sure he didn’t think Twilight was gonna make him this famous.

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