Ningin reader Danny Truong sent us this recap of BoA’s visit to the Hollywood Universal City Walk last Saturday…

From early morning, crazy, dedicated BoA fans lined up to get their green wristband for the chance to meet and greet the Asian wonder of the world. The wait was long, but once you got a wristband, you could freely roam with your buddies, shop around the stores, get a bite to eat or meet new fans just as crazy as you are! During the wait, we were shown an advance viewing of the “I Did it for Love”- Making of Video, never seen on the internet before. I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the directing and the new water scene, it definitely is one of Boa’s best’s music videos. For the hardcore fans, around 330′ish BoA did a dry rehearsal wearing her Ray Bans. Of course you can still look cool while having jet lagged eyebags. The view at this time was great while she tried to squeeze on the narrow stage with “Eat You Up” and “I Did It for Love”.

In between now and then, CD’s were being sold through FYE. The first people received a pre-autographed poster! Oh my. SM should be wary. “DO NOT FEED THE RABID FANS!” I was nearly run over while trying to get one myself, and simply came later for an easy buy and scored my autographed poster! Although I was there early and help promote this event, made many rounds next to the people handing out bands, my crew and I did not get a band. I wasn’t worried, I was going as VIP for tomorrow’s Forever 21 event. Finally, when BoA came out, along with the sea of Asians, non-Asians formed small herds on the upper levels, while curiousity quickly drew in for groovy “Eat You Up” and the irresistibly catchy, “I Did It For Love”. Since this was BoA’s second time around with “I Did it For Love”, she performed her dance numbers with great authority. Even the most critical of BoA fans were awe-inspired by her breathtaking performances. Unfortunately for most of us, the VIP’s filled the front and blocked the view for good photo op’s during her real performance, so I can’t provide you any good shots this time around. Next time!

After the performance, BoA met with more lucky fans to get posters signed and exchange a few words with her, while there was another chance to get some more pre-signed posters. What does BoA do? sign these on the airplane or something? All wasn’t perfect, like any event, and there were complaints about how many of us came six hours early and did not get a green band. Due to BoA’s surge in popularity, it will become progressively harder to get an autograph, but I hope that people will still come out to her next event for another autograph chance!

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i’m so jealous of all that got to meet her ^_^
i like your pictures luda!

oh yeah. here are links to the rehearsal she did about 3 hrs before the actual performance. it was really unexpected but then me and my friends heard ppl screaming. XD

cool. i was there too but during the actual performance i couldnt see too well-_- but me and my friend thought it was worthwhile and fun. @ludachris714, nice pictures! wish i could have made it but pasadena is too far from home

i;m rooting for BoA. i hope she does well here!

Whoa. Nice photos. haha

Miss_Yunho - 03/26/09 8:38 pm

Hope she does another signing!

I hope she does! We’ll have to wait til’ her April schedule is release

Hope she does another signing!

I think City Walk is before. Idk who cares. She came she went she conquered. smile

Wasn’t this event after the Forever 21 signing?

BoA ju say yo. haha

Big performance! She can’t turn it down.

I guess she wasn’t anymore.

I have more pics but I dont have time to upload them at the moment, maybe sometime next week, when im on my SPRING BREAK !!!  yay

well at the mean time, check out my vid that i capture, HD vid on youtube:

[*forever 21 lighting was too BRIGHT for my camera to handle]

Lucky You: She was too sick to be at F21. She got sick from THIS event.
She was definitely too sick to be at the WBC as well.

O_O great blog danny!! you so lucky

I thought she was too sick to perform?

lol Well if we can’t see her no point then.

lol! Does it matter where she’s at as long as she’s here?

Because she’s there?

Why the West coast? :(

Unfortunately. :(

I think her promos are concentrated in LA too.

I think so. She does live there. wink

BoA is still in CA right?

What other concerts are coming up for her?

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