Now the final contest in this JYP/Wonder Girl campaign is over. Funny, it seemed like yesterday when we started all this, but it’s been seven weeks. It’s hard to measure how many new Wonder Girl fans were created through the collective efforts of everyone who participated in these contests, but I do believe the Wonder Girls are definitely closer to crossing over into the US media. However, there’s still a lot to do and Wonder Girls could always use more fans. Keep spreading the word about the Wonder Girls and making new Wonderfuls!

So the poster contest had a lot of entries. Like, a lot of entries. We’ve never been so busy these past few weeks handling all these contests and event coverage. It’s too bad we could only pick three winners, but here they are in no particular order:




Each winner will have their posters printed out and signed by the Wonder Girls. Congratulations to all the winners!

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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Congrats everyone. ^^ I really like your posters!

OMG those are all so good! Congrats!

It’s still early...probably sometime later?

when will the winners be announced?

Very nice!

okay, so i hate flickr so i just uploaded them in my photobucket:


^ MAD PROPS TO YOU DUDE! I really like your 2nd one at the top O__O

Here are all 3 of mine.

Here’s all of mine. There’s a lot...and I edited them a lot of times
Nice work everyone, and good luck!

EUNSHIHAE - 03/24/09 4:23 pm

Here’s my entry:

good luck to everyone!!

eeep. your photo is private

Here’s my entry:

good luck to everyone!!

Well that’s over with. Good luck everyone.

good luck everyone ^^

lol, well mine is sort of retro… and is kind of different from everyone else’s, but it doesnt matter if i win. it was fun ^^

I sent my last one in at exactly 11:59 on my laptop, but when I went to ‘sent’, it said I sent it in at 12:00 D: haha, that’s okay, right? smile
here are my posters, 10. XD Well...13...because for 3 of them, the coloring is slightly different. raspberry Everyone that shared there’s here have really nice posters! ^__^ Good Luck to all!~

I want to see it!

wooo! sent mine in on time! yea, i’ve been working too much lately myself. lol. oh wellllls. i love these contests smile

As long as you got it in.

Just sent mine in ^^ Sorry for such a late submission I didn’t mean to be last minute, I have too much homework and tests xD

and here’s mine! Good luck people! ^^

Wow, guys! Your posters put all mine to shame! :O

These are all mine:

They get progressively better, haha.

Whoa, nice posters guys! o:
Good Luck~
I’ll post my posters later. haha

Oh my goodness~! Your posters are AMAZING pinkjelly88~<33
Here’s mine:
Good luck everyone~~

Whoa you made alot. haha Pretty good.

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