Now the final contest in this JYP/Wonder Girl campaign is over. Funny, it seemed like yesterday when we started all this, but it’s been seven weeks. It’s hard to measure how many new Wonder Girl fans were created through the collective efforts of everyone who participated in these contests, but I do believe the Wonder Girls are definitely closer to crossing over into the US media. However, there’s still a lot to do and Wonder Girls could always use more fans. Keep spreading the word about the Wonder Girls and making new Wonderfuls!

So the poster contest had a lot of entries. Like, a lot of entries. We’ve never been so busy these past few weeks handling all these contests and event coverage. It’s too bad we could only pick three winners, but here they are in no particular order:




Each winner will have their posters printed out and signed by the Wonder Girls. Congratulations to all the winners!

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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ok here’s mine
good luck everyone :D

It’s very good. ^^ Good luck!

That’s really good!

How many have you made so far Aki?

You should! hehe

I think I’ll post another one later LOL

I like the ones people shared so far.

The more the better.

I made three and I’ll probably make another one before the contest ends ^^

The more you submit the more liekly you’ll win.

Wow~~ XDD I only submitted two~ I originally did three, but I didn’t like my first one. x3

How many posters did you guys submit? smile I submitted 8. lol XD I didn’t do them all in one day though. I made my first one on the 1st of march o-o

x3;; I’m curious to know too~

I wonder how many people submitted stuff.

love the headline wonderful__!!! great concept!

Really cool!

This is what I submitted:

Tell me what you think! ^^

or would you prefer it be upright and 8.5x11?

Ahah I just started working on mine, but just for question, can we make it 11x8.5, as if it were a piece of paper sideways? Hotdog style if you will?

wow i didnt know we can enter more than one poster
tnx ddrmaxgt37 got to check it out


I know how Quebec residents were not allowed to enter the Dance Contest, but what about the other ones such as the Poster Contest?

Thanks in advance ^^

aki - 03/21/09 10:31 pm

Flickr really reduced the sizes of my entries X__X
Should I send it to you guys again?

If you’re one of the winners, we’ll ask you for the actual size.

Flickr really reduced the sizes of my entries X__X
Should I send it to you guys again?

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