Oricon recently asked over 1,000 Japanese men and women which celebrity they found to have the most dramatic/interesting lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, Erika Sawajiri was chosen as the #1 most dramatic celebrity. The 22 year old actress/singer/model/drama queen has been making headlines ever since 2005, whether it’s by her underage drinking, marriage to a man twice her age, one of her countless bitch fits, or simply existing, her endless scandals keep Japanese reporters and paparazzi following her like sheep — despite the fact that she hasn’t done any kind of work in nearly two years. Some of the voters commented saying “Erika’s life should be made into a movie.” and “She is the only person who’s able to live a life like that.”

Coming in at second place is the 80’s idol, Seiko Matsuda who’s often called the “Queen of Scandals” because of her multiple marriages, all ending in divorce. Third on the list was Takeshi Kitano, who literally does everything. After dropping out of school and working in an elevator at a nightclub, he’s been a filmmaker, actor, comedian, film editor, presenter, screenwriter, poet, author, painter, and video game designer. At number four we have Hiroshi Tamura, a comedian and author whose bestselling autobiography went on to become a movie, and a highly popular TV drama. The last on the list is pop singer Namie Amuro. She managed to shock the country in 1997 during the peak of her career when she held a press conference announcing that she had recently married and was three months pregnant. After taking a year off for her child, she made an extremely successful comeback, only to be set back once again by her mothers murder.

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Save the drama for yo mama. hahahahaha

That would be a new scandal. haha

Why would she? lol!

As long as she’s not gold digging me. haha

OMG I just looked her up on Google…
Yeah… HOTT Golddiggers ftl, such a waste…

Is she really? I vaguely remember her saying she would. haha I can’t wait! I can’t even remember the last movie she did.

Oh she’s making a comeback? Nice. Maybe she’ll divorce her husband too. smile

smrtdrmmr - 03/30/09 12:30 am

What’s the drinking age in Japan?

I think it’s 20~

Guys bitch too!

What’s the drinking age in Japan?

She’s not really all that bad. I mean she’s just a gold digger. Drinking everyone does and all girls bitch. haha

A lot of teenagers smoke in Japan. haha It’s funny how they try to trick the vending machines.

fire_and_ice - 03/29/09 8:19 pm

Underage drinking really isn’t that dramatic. It would be moreso if she did drugs.

I think there were cigarettes in that photo too but I didn’t really mention it since she was attacked more for the alcohol.

steve - 03/29/09 5:58 pm

I doubt she’ll do anything again.

She actually said in an interview in January that she’s making a comeback in acting/singing/etc this summer or fall..

I wouldn’t be surprised if she did do drugs.

Underage drinking really isn’t that dramatic. It would be moreso if she did drugs.

I doubt she’ll do anything again.

She hasn’t really done much for 2 years. All she has is drama. haha

I didn’t realize she had that much drama! haha She’s so pretty too.

I hate drama. It’s not that serious!

Life is full of crazy people. Idk if you got the memo. smile

Girls now a days are crazy! Guys too. Wth?

That’s just gross.

lol Are you saying the girls at your school have married old men? raspberry

lol Same here…

The girls at my high school have more drama. haha

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