Last weekend at the Soundscape Jpop party in NYC, there was a moment when I was hanging out at the DJ booth with DJ Aki. I was looking over DJ Aki’s shoulder and someone was looking over my shoulder. We shall call this someone “Hwa”. So DJ Aki was playing some old Speed track and he had an ELT track queued up. (ELT of course short for Every Little Thing.) Then I heard one of the craziest things I’d ever heard. Hwa said something totally ridiculous like “Speed is better than ELT.” WTF?!

I know this is America where you can say whatever you want except for “FIRE!!” in a crowded movie theater, but I had to stand up for what’s right. “What the hell are you talking about, Hwa?” Dj Aki suddenly looked very uncomfortable. Like being in a bar in New Orleans where everyone carries a gun (cause that’s apparently the cool thing to do in New Orleans) and suddenly someone says “What did you say about my Momma?!”

Let me put it this way. I listen to a lot of Jpop. A-L-O-T. And I haven’t kept a single Speed track in my iTunes. Not one. But ELT? 260 ELT tracks in my iTunes. That includes Best Of collections and Cyber Trance remixs.

But what do you think?
I’ve taken the Speed video with the most views on Youtube (WHITE LOVE with 1,229,570 views) and the ELT video with the most views on Youtube (FRAGILE with 88,918 views). I know what you’re thinking. If ELT is so great how come their viewcount is so low? It’s because ELT is on Avex Trax, and as we all know Avex pulls everything off YouTube, so enjoy the ELT video while you can!

But isn’t Speed on Avex too? Yes, just that Avex doesn’t seem to care so much about Speed any more…

Speed’s “WHITE LOVE”

ELT’s “fragile”

And a special treat, the cyber trance remix of “fragile” by Belgium’s trance master AIRWAVE!

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Speed remixes? Who cares!

And what happened at the Soundscape party?
DJ Aki said “Please, please! Do not fight over Speed and ELT. Tonight is my birthday. Please, please!” Oh, but don’t you think I forgot, Hwa!!!

Who do you prefer? Take your pick!
Speed’s website here.
ELT’s website here.