Hollywood has been getting remake rights to almost every hit Asian fare for some time now and have finally realized the potential of hiring Asian stars to promote their movies to global dominance (cha ching) at international box office. It has been happening for a while, ever since Bruce Lee made Asians cool round the globe, Hollywood has been trying to blend Asian stars into Hollywood fare. They tried a few times to make Jackie Chan a name with some crappy B-grade Hollywood crap like “The Protector” and “Canon Ball Run” which did horrible at the Box office. Finally, they just decided to release a Hong Kong film dubbed into English “Rumble in the Bronx,” which turned out to be a huge hit paving the way once again for acceptance of all Asian filmmakers and stars from Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li to John Woo.

Obviously, mostly action/horror oriented stars and filmmakers are crossing the seas to make bank in LALA land. Jackie Chan’s highest payday was 15 million against 20% of gross for “Rush Hour 3“. The new breed does not quiet the star power of the number 1 star in the world but are soon to be making their marks on an international scale from Rain to Lee Byeong-Heon to Hritik Roshan.

Lets start with Rain, so far, known to the public as the guy Colbert is trying to beat as the most influential person on the net. Check out Colbert challenging “Korean pop star Rain to a dance-off, a cuddle-off or a spoon-off — all fiercely competitive, yet intimate gestures“. He had a huge debut in “Speed Racer“, which unfortunately turned out to be a mega flop. He will soon be starring in “Ninja Assassin,” produced by the Wachowski brothers.

Then we got Hritik Roshan, India’s answer to Brad Pitt. The guy can act, dance and looks like a Greek God (that is what the chicks say). His first film “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” (Tell Me It’s Love) broke all records and after a few bad movies he decided to only do movies he believes in and has been unstoppable since. He is currently working on a international project called Kites which is being hailed as India’s first crossover film.

Lee Byeong-Heon most famous for hits like “Bittersweet Life” and “The Good, Bad and Weird” is ready to make his debut with big action adventure “G.I. Joe“. The stoic faced action star will be playing Storm Shadow. Check out the first clip here.

Another Phenomenon that has swept the world and is about to make her debut in a Woody Allen film is Frieda Pinto. With “Slumdog Millionaire” picking up heat in the theaters late last fall the Fox publicity machine worked overtime to turn this innocent eyed beauty into the next it girl. Her rise to fame and stardom is what fairy tales are made of in Tinseltown. Already the face of L’oreal, and 2 Hollywood films signed and plenty of Indian films and endorsements, this girl has gone from wondering where her next paycheck was going to come from to the highest paid actress in India. These are just the tip of the iceberg there are plenty more that are making their way across the pond, will update soon.