I’ve been noticing that the weekly competitions have been more intense since we first started with more people trying hard to win the top 3 spots. This makes me happy to see. Since the competition is going up a bit, we’re going to try and increase the prizes a bit too. We’ll be offering more variety for both the weekly and monthly prizes. Instead of just music cds, you can now also select from a list of movies and anime DVDs and other types of merchandise. I’ll go into more detail about that in a later post.

Right now, I want to congratulate phanxuanna12297 for breaking the triumvirate of cheekybodacious, ryu00, and Misters0freshh. She finishes third while cheeky and ryu finishes first and second respectively. That’s good enough for a BoA poster! Misters0freshh is the odd man out this time finishing fourth. The other top 10 finishers are lilly118, vuong22, hellokiki, lina, Siralop7, and Hellojeffy. Congratz to everybody!