From the people who brought you Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police, Robo-Geisha looks promising to bring you tons of gore, unique fighting scenes, and a strange story.

Not much is known about the film plot-wise but who watches these kinds of movies for the story? This movie has insane gore and fighting that it becomes quite comic at times. I mean scenes include katanas coming out of armpits and bums, a chainsaw from the mouth, a robot samurai, acidic milk, fried shrimps as weapons, a geisha transforming into a tank and so many more ridiculous scenarios. The writer, Noboru Iguchi, must have had a lot time on his hands to come up with so many unthinkable action elements.

I’ve seen Machine Girl and that movie disturbed me. So I’m sure this movie will be on the same level or be even more disturbing. The movie is suppose to hit theatres this fall in Japan and I’m positive that it will be distributed here in the U.S. soon after.

By watching the trailer below, the movie looks ridiculous as it sounds. But beware, the trailer is not for everyone! It contains a good amount of blood and some pretty outrageous scenarios.