So far so good for our little Summer Reward promo. 12 days of July and 12 different happy winners! Looks like SNSD has a small lead over the other artists in our album pool. It’s still early though and to be fair to BoA and Utada, lots of people have those albums already. In case you don’t follow the Summer Reward comment thread closely, we’ve added three more albums to choose from, 2NE1 – 2NE1, SS501 – Collection, and Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry. Lots of good choices!

This past week was the last time to win BoA posters unless you guys push for them to come back, we’re going to move on to other artists. Details of those other artists will follow later. Like last week, we have another fresh face in the top three, anguyen. She joins the Queen of EXP phanxuanna12297 and ludachris714 in the top three. cheekybodacious, Misters0freshh, vuong22, contagiousLaughter, Sakura, katieanna147, and buttack5 rounds out the top 10. For the first time ever on Ningin, we have two siblings in the weekly top 10, phanxuanna12297 and katieanna147! Congrats to everyone!

One other note for this week, I’ve adjusted the level requirement for the first five levels. It should be easier now to advance past these levels. The changes will reflect tomorrow morning.