Just in from Yoobins twitter: (July 15)WGyubinOMG!! wonder girls #1 most viewed musician on youtube today!!!! :) ahhhhhhhhhh~~~~~

With all the stuff you could be watching in Youtube like..I don’t know, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, the nuclear war tests from No.Korea and various videos of Obama, its a miracle that Wondergirls are the most viewed musicians today. Speaking of, Obama’s children got to see Wondergirls live. I hope they liked them!

I’m glad that Wondergirls are keeping us updated on their journey to America, they are a really a fun bunch who just oozes with friendly charm. Of course there’s great also joy in that they are getting recognition here. It’s been a very hard journey for Asian artists to break through. Go Wondergirls!

Seriously…this summer is filled with Girl band domination, not just in Korea!
Pic credits: Wonderholic