BoA has been hanging tight with the urban American hip hop/dance scene, and I did it for Love with Sean Garrett has been a wonderful track. She has met with many U.S. hip hop stars, media, managers, and producers and is tied with Max Gousse.

During her performance in Japan @ Springroove, she also met with Akon, but it wasn’t just for idle chit chat. Akon thought the Asian queen had mad talent to work with him and recently contacted BoA for a remake of his latest chart scorching hit Beautiful.

This record will be available for Japanese audiences only. It seems that in this case it will help Akon more to expand overseas which is great. However, it doesn’t make sense why the song/video won’t be released in the US too. Why not help each other out in both countries?

credits: anothertruth, boanjel(boajjang)