…heavily. Contrary to popular speculation on a recent Popseoul blogpost, G-Dragon doesn’t have a hand in 2NE1’s styling. Sure they are great friends and they make music together and their avant garde-meets-hip-hop style bears uncanny resemblances, but…their style is the work of others. Praytell Jinra, who? And how do you know? Your not rich, famous and Korean!

The people behind G-Dragon and 2NE1’s style are known as Xin (Yang Seung Ho) and Danny. I only know this because I am a fashion dork and a regular reader of model Daul Kim’s blog wherein she mentions that her BFFs Xin and Danny are styling 2NE1. G-Dragon considers them part of his BFF circle. Ironically, Xin, Danny and Daul aren’t all that big on Kpop — they tend to listen to a lot of obscure, indie, electro-minimalistic music. Xin is well-known in the international-fashion circle and probably one of the most photographed for street-fashion blogs. You know how it is when your friends with an international model — nothing new yanno?