These poor elephants in Thailand need a break, and tons of make up remover. Recently a female panda cub was born at the zoo in Chiang Mai and she has captured the attention of everyone in Thailand. The people who run the Thai Royal Elephant Kraal, an elephant camp in the Ayutthaya province, were not happy that this one- month old bitch was stealing the limelight of their elephants. So in an attempt to get the attention back and remind the Thai public that the elephants are the symbolic animal of the country, the geniuses painted their elephants like panda bears and put on a parade.

This is so wrong. It’s like a bad drag show if you ask me. Why would you want to paint your elephants like pandas to remind your visitors of the latter? If I were a visitor of the elephant camp and was a spectator of the elephant parade that featured the “panda-looking” elephants, I would sure remind myself to pay the baby panda cub a visit after the show. Their action is giving the panda cub more attention and these dumbasses don’t realize that. Both animals are very different and there should be no competition whatsoever.  I think the elephant keepers how too much time on their hands. They must not have enough elephant dung to pick up lately.

Here are more pictures of the travesty (thumbnail version):