Meet Kana. Bitch is probably the luckiest person in Japan (at least in the eyes of all the Japanese Harry Potter fans) because she won a contest to fly to England to interview the entire Harry Potter cast. Check out the clips of her interviewing Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter and Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley (after the jump). I am surprised bitch didn’t spontaneously combust when Daniel hugged her. She’s freaking hilarious.

If I were her, I would have asked Daniel how it was like to show his peen in the play Equus. I would also have demanded a refund from him since I sat in the last row and could not catch a perfect sight of it (well it was partly my fault since I left my binocular at home). Anyway, thank god not everyone is as dirty minded and cheap as me. There are still some innocent bitches like Kana who break into uncontrollable seizure after touching, say, Rupert Grint’s eyelashes.

Interviewing Daniel Radcliffe

Interviewing Rupert Grint