Nicole Richie is tearing her hair out or eating a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s glazed donuts right now. Bitch is probably upset because she just got words that crazy assĀ  Bai Ling could be her stepmom anytime soon. Yes, some reliable source revealed that crazy Bai and Lionel Richie were on a romantic date at the Viceroy in Santa Monica last week.

Apparently the two were laughing and flirting all night. I think Lionel did more of the laughing while that skank did more of the talking. Bai probably told him that she was a big fan of his songs and that she nearly broke her neck while trying to literally “dance on the ceiling“. You know, homegirl is totally capable of pulling some dumb shit like this.

By the way, do you know that Bai Ling keeps a blog? It may look like one of those cheap Chinese porn sites with badly written texts, but bitch is certainly keeping it real by updating the site with her frequent emotional rants. This is her blog entry after spending a day at the beach:

I love the hot sunlight touches my skin…….feels sexy and delightful, like the butterflies wings landed danced then fly away with their gentle kiss, the touch……

Not surprisingly, bitch also posted pictures of her wearing next to nothing at the beach.