The National Police Agency announced that a total of 2,822 people commited suicide in Japan in the month of June. There is speculation as to the result of such a high number but many believe that it’s due to the recession.

The number of suicides in Japan for the first half of 2009 is up by 768 from last year’s statistics making it a total of 17,076 so far. The breakdown of numbers are like this: 2,660 in January, 2,482 in February, 3,084 in March, 3,048 in April, 2,980 in May, and 2,822 in June, with each figure showing an increase from last year. Males made up about 72 percent of the suicides with an increase of 712 from 2008 and totaling 12,222 for the first half of 2009.

Tokyo had the most suicides with 1,569 cases and Tottori had the least with 85 cases (which is still a high number in my opinion). For 11 consecutive years, Japan has exceeded 30,000 suicides per year. It seems this year will also follow that pattern. 2009 is estimated to reach a total of 34,152 suicides in Japan- slightly lower than its high in 2003 with 34,427 suicides. This may indicate the government’s inability to to provide necessary assistance to those in need stated Yasuyuki Shimizu, a representative from Lifelink (a nonprofit, suicide prevention organization).

[Source:Mainichi Daily News]

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thats why theres counciling to correct these people thinking :/

^ i don’t think recession is worth it for suicide

Sakura - 08/07/09 11:01 pm

I wonder if the recession is increasing suicide in the US too…

I think any country that’s suffering right now because of a recession has higher suicide rates.

so much plague..

the nation of japan is having a tough time deciding what to do. >.<

^ so much to worry about

its too many people to control…

plus they gotta contain H1N1 >.<

^ its hard to come up for a solution like this situation...:/

this is sad..JAPAN should look for ways to stop this,,it’s scary

theyll help.

^ hopefully they don’t make the situation worse

More psychiatrist and counselors ?

Oh gosh, how sad… Japan should take these statistics into mind and do something about it

StellerPebbles - 08/10/09 3:58 am
trashstar - 08/10/09 3:39 am

so sad :( is it particularly high in asian countries?

Really I wonder why??

Sadly yes. :(

^ High expectations from society.. Costs too much to live in Japan

trashstar - 08/10/09 3:39 am

so sad :( is it particularly high in asian countries?

Really I wonder why??

so sad :( is it particularly high in asian countries?

Oh my goodness. That is terrible. :( I really hope it gets better.

whats happening to japan..i wonder..?

so many people… this is so sad

there like one of the best races ever this makes me so sad D; this is really terrible i wonder why there doing it ths just makes me so sad

but people still do it

^ lol, obviously~

^ its not good to bottle up your emotions

ContagiousLaughter - 08/08/09 4:02 am

^ don’t they show symptoms or something? its hard to hold it all in

When they do, it’s too late..

aww, man I feel so sad for them, this recession needs to get better >_<;
There is a chance other than suicide!

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