Well, I wouldn’t say that Dragonball Evolution got a twin. It’s more like a horrible make-over.

The movie X-treme Fighter (a.k.a. Sci-fighter) is getting a DVD release in Japan and is retitled as Dragon Battle Evolution. Hmm….doesn’t that sound familiar?

Despite the titles and posters being alike, Dragon Battle Evolution is totally different from Dragonball (well except for the fighting). From what I gathered, the story revolves around this virtual video game that a kid gets stuck in and his dad willingly enters the game to fight off the virus to rescue his son.

If you thought Dragonball Evolution was bad, check out the trailer for Dragon Battle Evolution. Even though the poster looks decent, the trailer is really lame. The acting, the graphics, the fighting….this movie just doesn’t cut it for me. I prefer Dragonball Evolution over this any day.

What do you guys think? Does this movie look promising, maybe even better than Dragonball Evolution or does it make Dragonball Evolution look like an Oscar winning film?

Source:Canned Dogs