Most Asian/Americans know who Epik High is. They are the rap group with a fun, unique style. Also, Tablo, the one who is getting married, is fluent in English and he even graduated from Stanford. You can tell he is very intelligent and profound just by listening to his lyrics, although some of them are very silly and funny.

Tablo announced, “It was love at first sight for me. Now we are planning to get married in the fall. We are expecting a baby in the middle of next year…It was generally really tough for me this year, but Hye Jung was with me at all times and encouraged me. I wish you guys support us and our love, peaceful love is the most important thing for us at this point. And let’s hope the baby looks like the mother!

LOL! Like I said, Tablo is very random and funny. This type of marriage is pretty rare in Korea considering the fact that Tablo is only 29. Most singers/artists don’t marry until they aren’t really promoting their songs a lot. Then again, this is Epik High, the group that has its own style.

Recently, they finished their world tour and far as I know, they played at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. My friends told me the concert was nice and the performance was out of control. I have heard that they are making a comeback called the [e]Parade, so I am looking forward to that as well.

Congratulations to Tablo! I hope he continues to make his music, and his family can inspire his music as well.

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he think it is
on his twitter he even said “Son” when he dunno if its a boy or girl xD

i2ayumi - 10/22/09 6:52 am

^ The baby has already been born I think? raspberry

oh yeah i remember now lol *is slow*

how tablo was all telling the baby not to go into hip hop XD

Yes congrats to them again!
Konbae! Wish them happy years 4ever!

^ The baby has already been born I think? raspberry

phanxuanna12297 - 10/21/09 11:37 pm

^ their baby will keep them together ^^

that baby is gunna be adorable

^ their baby will keep them together ^^

Lilsparky67 - 10/20/09 9:55 am

I hope they both have long lasting marriages, that make them happy.

yeah :]

I hope they both have long lasting marriages, that make them happy.

AnabelStars - 10/20/09 12:36 am

those are some lucky ladies that tablo and tukutz scored

They sure are…

aw so cutie congrats!

those are some lucky ladies that tablo and tukutz scored

wonder if tukutz wife is nice too :]

Yay! Those two are the cutest ever! >.<


maybe they did, and no body posted them :D

if they did, there should be pics by now! roar. haha

have they gotten marry yet?

Wow! Congrats to him for the marriage and the baby x3

itll be better than their map the soul album, thatll be awesome!

Aww Congrats to him thats soo sweet lol

^ me too! i love their songs! :D

Congratulations to them both, can’t wait for Epik High’s new album!

awww.. marriage already? awww.. baby ^^ hehe

they were such a cute couple too!

Good luck to him. I hope the marriage stays smile

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