Woah. Wonder Girls? JYP? What’s going on here? I hope this is not what it seems. Someone, who I am guessing isn’t a big fan of Jaebum or wanted attention, recently snapshotted some myspace comments that Jaebum made while he was a trainee.

Jaebum wrote, “…..Korea is Gay…. I Hate Koreans…..

I don’t think JYP will be too happy about this especially since he talks so highly of Jaebum.

From what I do know of Jaebum, I don’t know what video it was, but I did watch a clip where Jaebum said living in Korea was really hard. Specifically because he didn’t know anyone, he had no one to talk to, it was hard communicating with other people, and he wasn’t used to the Korean life. In addition, all he did was train and he never knew when he was going to debut. It really must have been a difficult time.

Well, do not be angry at Jaebum. He loves Korea. In fact, lots of Koreans love him. Many celebrities adore his charisma and his body. I am pretty sure JYP Entertainment and Jaebum will apologize this old message, and Jaebum will show that he loves Korea even more. How can you not like your 100,000 Korean fans?

Update: Jaebum imediately responded to this news.
Here is his apology.
Hello everyone this is 2PM’s Park Jaebum. I would like to apologize on behalf of the comments I had made through Myspace a few years ago. I’m sorry.

As I tell all of you about how I felt that time, I also would like to apologize. In January of 2005, I came to Korea as a high school student. I was born in the States and I had insufficient knowledge of how Korea is. Being it my first time, I couldn’t communicate with others, my taste buds didn’t fit, and I barely knew the culture which I couldn’t understand. I felt as though I was treated coldly by the people around me as my family was left in the States. It was such a difficult situation where I didn’t even know if I was going to debut. Due to many hardships, things were getting too hard and I was getting lonely being homesick. I had the thoughts of quitting and I wanted to go back to my family in the States. The comment based on the Korea part: I wrote that because of my personal situation I was placed in and my emotions took over. I was too young and said things in the wrong words. I was too foolish, young, and facing difficulties where I made the mistake into turning my surroundings worse. Time passed by and I forgot that I had even written them. I am now embarrassed and truly sorry of those comments I had made. After that time, I had adjusted to everything and my thoughts have changed tremendously as I thank the people around me to get me to perform on stage in any situation. Those comments were made four years ago, but I am a different person now. To my family, Hottests, members of 2PM, and those who love 2PM, I am truly sorry. From now on, I hope that there will be no mistakes like this ever again. I will say it one more time that I am truly sorry.

-2PM’s Jaebum-

credits to 2ONEDAY for the translations.

I was right!

Check out this video and see if you fall in love with Jaebum.

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I’m surprised you’re allowed to bring cameras, or is it all cellphone cams?

Every concert theres tons of cameras in the air raspberry

korea’s got crazy netizen fans with camera phones XD

America got paparazzi!

^ nah i dont think so, its just the ways that netizens from different countries act

Yeah, Miley and Jaebum, a double standard?

^ its cuz of the darn netizens that always blow everything out of proportion.

hmm ... i dont like the way he types. its likeeeeeee a msn freak raspberry

anyways, why are they making such a big deal of something that happened couple years ago? :S

^ are u quoting the lizzie mcguire movie? XD

^ This is what dreams are made of? lol

^ hey you never know, theres always a chance

Guess I’ll never be famous then. Never though I would be anyways…

^ yeah that really is

The moral of this story is: Never say things you’re going to regret.

Better be more careful with what you say at Ningin… If you ever become famous, your fans will dig up all your posts. Scary.

I would’ve probably said the same stuff what teen doesn’t say they hate something every once in a while.

Except hating the race that was a little harsh.

I think he’s learned from this experience and when he comes back, he will show it.

hm… she did a few stuff but the only thing i can remember is this:

What did Miley Cyrus do? o.o

sad stalkers… nothing better to do besides looking through the past raspberry

Glad that Jaebum has come out and apologized, unlike some people *cough Miley Cyrus cough* do, there is no shame to be had about this ^^
But seriously people are mean...I mean screenshotting this? I bet they stalked his comments for like days on end to find this =_=;


Jaebum should have rickrolled on myspace instead of commenting these phrase

“Never gonna give you up....”

DUMBO - 09/05/09 5:08 pm

Everyone agrees he was a d-bag when he was a teen but some of those comments on the korean sites are ridic.  “You’re not korean, you’re not american so you must be garbage” As a KoAm, I’m about to go old school and start rickrolling these b*tches.

oh wow, just bias…

rick roll away! lol

Hes American and ur Australian o.o

JinraIlustrisimo - 09/05/09 10:22 am

Regardless of how hard a time he had adjusting to Korea, that’s still an ignorant thing to say.

People who use the word ‘gay’ to mean ‘stupid’ or ‘undesirable’ are ignorant. Plain and simple. Instead of saying “That’s gay,” let’s just say, “Ugh, that’s so Kpop boy band member.”

Zero tolerance for anyone that uses the word ‘gay’ to describe stupid or dumb. (ie. That’s gay. _______ is gay. How gay.)

yeah, but this happen a while ago, when he was a teen....
alot of teen say these kind of things nowadays..

I guess he can do another apology in a live broadcast, thatll be nice

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