Check out their new official website! For those of you curious and wanting to know more about f(x), I have some tips for you. First off, f(x) debuted this weekend on Music Core and Sunday’s Inkigayo. Youtube clips are sure to make the rounds. Also, you can start checking out their website. It’s a pretty cool website with a gallery, videos, album info and anything you need to know about f(x). Photos will be released in chapters for the purpose of maintaining constant traffic to their site. So far, chapters one and two are available. Here is just a glimpse of the photos released:

In addition to the site, a new song that hasn’t been revealed to the public called “Mr. Boogie,” has leaked:

To learn more about f(x), you can visit Aff(x)tion their international forums.

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I’ll wait until something else comes from them.

^ you dont like it >.<

i think its alright

I really like Luna, but all around the group is pretty good. I don’t preferrably like the way Amber looks, but that doesn’t matter.

what would you want them to wear.

phanxuanna12297 - 09/07/09 5:24 am
Loverly - 09/06/09 4:05 pm

i don’t really like their look so far…

me too

their look could do better but whatever

Loverly - 09/06/09 4:05 pm

i don’t really like their look so far…

me too

I really can’t wait for them album to come out !

At first I thought Amber was so out of place lol
One really tomboyish member and four girls
But I can’t help but be attracted to her :x

I really like Krystal also smile
She’s like the combination of Yuri + Yoona + Jessica haha.

thats a man

lol, if cheeky doesn’t like amber thats okay...even if she has teh most love raspberry ..

I kinda like this song more than lachata

but shes getting the most love. everyone was anticipating the groupd because of her. raspberry shes different and really cool ~

I haven’t warmed up to the group yet.

Amber is a turnoff. she pretty much is a dude.

Its leaked…

oh goodie! smile

Lachata was ok lol, Mr. Boogie sounds better :S!
I went to their site, and I didn’t realize how young a lot of them are ><;

agree with the 2 Bove me the look is on the iffey aide but lachada is a good song and I love it

Yeah I dont really like thair rugged homeless look either but I like the song alot though!

i don’t really like their look so far…

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