September on Ningin is Heartbreaker month. Yes we are dedicating the entire month and maybe more to one of the most painful experiences a human being can have…because G-Dragon decided to make an album with that title. So in this case heartbreak isn’t that bad. If anything, I’m gonna bet you want to heartbroken this month, over and over again. Since we aim to please, we have lots and lots of heartbreak to spread around - albums, posters, and collectible memorabilia. So let the epic heartbreak begin.

But before everyone starts getting heartbroken, let’s go over this week’s winners. Top three are: ludachris714, phanxuanna12297, and ContagiousLaughter. They get the SS501 album. i2ayumi finished 4th after holding on to 2nd for most of the week. I guess that’s the first heartbreak of the month. 5-10 are: anguyen, Lilsparky67, sarahnghae, Giselicious, KatYoung, and Misters0freshh. I believe this is the first appearance in the top 10 for Giselicious and KatYoung so good job on their part. Congrats to everybody!

There’s no random prize winner this week. Sorry, we were only given three albums to give away.

This week’s prize is G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker album.

Also don’t forget to welcome New Ningin Blogger Eusene Lee who coincidentally just wrote up a post about G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker with a cool perf video. He also recently had a b-day =)

Sometimes Wednesday morning EST of this week Ningin might go down for a few hours as we do network wide upgrades. There’ll be a separate announcement on this if we do.