Wow. SNSD’s popularity doesn’t stop growing. 2PM, the Wonder Girls’ brother-figure group, are after SNSD again! Earlier, Nick Khun announced his ideal girl was Yoona. During an interview, the members were asked who their ideal girl was. Interestingly, Chansung also admitted he liked Yoona.

2PM’s sexy, charismatic leader Jaebum, announced that he would like Jessica. During the same gameshow where Chansung and Nick Khun went against each other for the lovely Yoona, Jaebum made an outstanding, spectular dedication dance to Jessica. Of course she was deeply moved and accepted his (fake) proposal. They are both from the states. Jaebum is from Seattle and Jessica is from San Francisco. They could just run away to the states without having millions of fans getting all hyped up.

Also, there was a clip during a music concert that lead us to believe Junho asked for Soo Young’s number. Wow. Of course we don’t know what was the reason for having the phone out and giving it to someone else, but we can guess that Junho liked Soo Young.

Here are some of the videos when 2PM and SNSD met up for a variety show. You can start watching the 2 episodes from here: