BoA is officially an auntie, site updates and other news:

Things for Boa-land might seem quiet on the Western front, but there have been a few updates.
A few months back, I told you about BoA’s newly-wed brother Kwon Soon Hwon. His wife gave birth to a son and that makes Boa an aunt! She’s a gomo! (aunt via dad’s side of the fam) The baby boy who was named Kwon Sung Woo has a steep jaw and sharp chin! This is highly unusual for a baby, which indicates his star status in the future. (Major stars have very distinct features)

And to promote BoA’s new deluxe album, her site was recently updated with new pictures, go to it here.

Finally, on iTunes you can upgrade BoA’s 3 latest music videos to HIGH quality, for a low price of $2.40 as a package deal.

Note 1: Pictures of baby cannot be shared directly on this site, so please visit Kbites.

Note 2: BoA-land is a secret amusement park built by a group of my friends for Boa fans to go to…Just close your eyes, lol.

Update: Just got clearance on the last photo there. More photos can also be seen here.

Thanks: Kbites, BoAAmerica, Joshorty, boanjel