Apparently the Chinese farmers were not willing to take a backseat to their Japanese counterpart in the twisted fruit-shaping department. Last week, I blogged about some crazy ass Japanese farmer couple successfully crafting their watermelon produce in a heart shape and offering it for a hefty price. This week, a Chinese farmer has upped the ante on that game and revealed his Buddha-shaped pears — each one he carefully crafted and grew inside an individual mould.

According to Mr. Gao, he spent the last six years perfecting the Buddha-shaped pears. Now that they are pear-fect, he plans to export them to the U.K and sell them for £5 each. This is still cheaper than those damn heart-shaped watermelons. Once again, the Chinese have done things cheaper than anyone else.

Seriously, why can we just eat fruits the way they are!? What’s next? A butt-shaped peach!? I am still waiting for my peen shaped plantains (peentains). After all, the fruit already came with the required form, so not much form altering is needed. Not only can farmers grow peentains easily, they can also market this produce as a fully functional one. Once you have done your business with it, you can just peel it and eat it to get your daily requirement of potassium. Trust me, your body will thank you in more ways than one.

Source: Daily Mail, UK