Forget Korea exists for just a moment. In fact, don’t even consider 2PM’s Jae Bum’s ethnic background and nationality. While we’re at it, let’s forget he’s a celebrity and the age he was when he said what he said to get him into trouble. I’ve been looking at different sides of the issue, examining where the hatred is stemming from and reading different opinions like the ones in today’s Seoul Beats’ op-ed.There’s still an unaddressed issue that is frustrating. It’s the issue of the use of the word “gay” as a descriptive word to mean “stupid” or “dumb.”

To quickly sum up the controversy for the lazy, a Korean boy band member named Jae Bum recently admitted to saying, “Korea is gay.”

According to the Think Before You Speak campaign, over 154,000 web sites used the words, “That’s so gay.” The context of its usage is unknown, but even if the number is lesser than it is, it’s still a big deal. Saying, “That’s gay.” in any variation of the phrase is hurtful and threatening to the LGBT community. Homophobia is never good. Instead, I encourage people (Jae Bum included) to be more original and creative in the way you express dislike. In other words:

Be respectful.

Here’s Hilary Duff slamming an Asian girl and her friend for saying “That’s so gay.”

Wanda Sykes because I think she’s hilarious:

At a loss for how to not say, “That’s so gay.”? Watch this: