Who has a crush on SNSD’s Yoona? This guy isn’t really the brother of WonderGirls. He is like one though. He is Nickkhun from 2PM, a brother-like group to the Wonder Girls.

On a variety show that was shown on the Korean television not long ago, TV hosts interrogated Nickkhun about who his ideal girl was. Usually Korean idols won’t say another idol’s name because it could cause a scandal and create chaos and hatred, especially among the fans.

In a bold move, Nickkhun announced that he likes SNSD’s Yoona. He complimented Yoona on her smile saying that she is beautiful when she smiles. I don’t know what this guy is thinking. By saying this, he literally received 1,000,000 anti fans, but how could you not like this guy?

He is adorable…like a meerkat.

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^ lol, i like yuri or taeyeon the most in snsd
but my least fav is yoona :\

What? really she’s really isnt that preety well i cant judge, you like who you like ^_^

I havent seen ;much of yoona collabing with anyone

I guess. lol

Yoona should totally have a collab with them :D

they would make a cute looking couple raspberry

Everyone loves SNSD (almost everyone)

Yoona is very pretty, so it’s all good. Nickhun is a smart guy.

why taeyeon...why not yoona lol :D

why yoona D;
why not taeyeon!!!

lol that would be such a great cupple lol

awwwww Nickoona is so cute i think they would be a cute couple

whats wrong with crushing on Yoona.  more power to yah!

How would the couple be said ><?
Sounds kinda weird lol.
But cool nonetheless! Bold statement! Stick to it!

Even if he says that he likes Yoona he’s still so cute! and charming! fans can be sometimes crazy people!!

Everyone loves SNSD (almost everyone), but I agree with Nickhun, Yoona is very pretty.

LilyPixel - 09/07/09 6:09 pm

haha that’s so cute ^^

Who? Yoona/Nickkhun?

haha that’s so cute ^^

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