Brothers and sisters looking into pledging for the Phi Kappa Kappa Kappa Ningin Pin Gameda house, your Sorority Row pin game results time has arrived. Before I announce our future brothers and sisters, I just want to say that I am very proud of all of you. Over the past year, you’ve been able to distinguish celluloid train wrecks from film masterpieces and vice versa. Like mini-Siskel and Eberts, only younger and better looking. Stronger too, probably. Speaking of strength, Sorority Row closed in at Rottentomatoes with a weak 29%.

Still no RT consensus, but I’m confident in in my Greek brothers and sisters that you know that 29% isn’t great.

Congratulations to winners niichan, ludachris714, vuong22, Lilsparky67, uchiha, Giselicious, SeniorForever, saofeng, AsianBoi. saofeng, you hit it right on the mark!

This post has a pin prize attached to it. If you’re new to Ningin and don’t know what pins are, read this post. Not sure what EXP is? This post should help