BoA released a preview of the anticipated track, Bump Bump! repare for the new release of BoA’s 28th Japanese single. The single Bump Bump features M-Flo’s Verbal. The song will officially come out on October 28th. How ironic, it’s her 28th single on the 28th of October.

The song seems very catchy with a good beat. I thought the beginning was a perfect intro to a breakdance. BoA’s picture for her album jacket shoot has been released on her official Japanese website. In the picture, you can already see that BoA has cut her hair. No, this isn’t a wig. BoA decided to cut her hair off, the first time since her debut.

I can already imagine the song being a big hit. Anything BoA does in Asia is already a big hit. I am still sad it wasn’t like that in America. Maybe next time she can be a world star!

Credit: Allkpop Picture