Just a little reminder that BEG will be at one of NYC’s finest clubs doing that thang with their saucy hips and working their magic tonight.

It’s an 21+ club, so I’m sure BEG knows what to expect that they’ll be hit on regular Asian guys and especially those yellow fever white guys. I think it’s great that Korean artists are showing up to night clubs, but I also think there is a big drawback. For example, when BoA and Se7en came to the states they frequently appeared in age restricted night clubs and fans that’ve never met these artists, nor seen them live had to pass up their chance. I think this is BEG’s first time performing in the states?? I just think it’s funny since the largest geographic fan base of these artists happens to be under 21.

Anyways if you’re a New Yorker and over 21, or one of those yellow fever white guys who can fly out ASAP, go do your disappearing act and be there! And unless you’re David Copperfield, leave the card tricks at home. But they might like it if you pull cute bunnies out of hats.

picture credit: allkpop

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Wow How come is totally different than Abracadabra lol, and of course there coming to some where i cant go lol

^ I totally agree, it would be!

UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGG nooooooo it would be so awesome to see them in real life!!!

I was happy for them, that they were getting such approval in the videos. It was really neat to see their performances and interview.

^ yeah they looked really pleased to see everyone there supporting them

From allkpop’s article and video on their website, BEG were a big hit. I was actually surprised at this news. This is good for them.

TMI ... raspberry

SO JEALOUS. AND YES GA-IN IS the BOMB xD I so woulda gone crazy if I could have a chance to ... “club dance” with Ga-In...XD

^ yep smile

the girls are looking good. BEG fan for life.

DId anyone go raspberry

it was last night smile

I wish to live in New York one day, so I can go to all this stuff.

DannyTruong - 09/25/09 7:22 pm
ludachris714 - 09/25/09 6:45 pm

Im sneaking in!!!! how bout you danny raspberry

Uh yeah let me get my fake ID LOL and my plane ticket… raspberry

LOL fake plane ticket!

nothing every happends in chicago :9

you guys have all the fun in the states -.- roar…

Fly there using your little wings :D

Dude if I was in NYC I would try sooo hard to get into that. So lucky.

Lilsparky67 - 09/25/09 7:35 pm

NYC and California gets everything. :(

Americans get everything!

Lilsparky67 - 09/25/09 7:35 pm

NYC and California gets everything. :(

not really us ohioans got The wonder girls singing at the Indians Game and at the Taste of cleveland!!

Lilsparky67 - 09/25/09 7:35 pm

NYC and California gets everything. :(

not much of anything in CA lately xP

wow I’m not in NY and I’m underage how much worse can this get :D

OMG!!!! i wish i was in NY!

i wish i live in NY right now :(
i cant believe BEG are at Ny!!

NYC and California gets everything. :(

Crapsicles! I wish I lived in NYC. I want to see BEG. I want to hug Ga In :D

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