The hottest news this week in Hong Kong belongs to two idiots who can’t handle their alcohol well.  Hong Kong Cantopop prince Justin Lo and Malaysian prince of ballads Gary Cao, who apparently are close buddies, got into a brawl after a pub crawl on early Saturday morning.

This is a typical incident of two dumbsticks who got drunk and wanted to show each other who was manlier. Instead of whipping out their penises (which is the version I prefer), they started punching each other in the face. At one point Gary even tried to remove a street sign to pummel Justin with it. He even kicked Justin in the balls. Dude, that’s brutal! Next time, just try making out with each other. They say it takes a really masculine and sexually confident man to stick your tongue down another man’s throat.

Unfortunately for these two idiots, some paparazzi had followed them after they left the bar and took pictures of the entire brawl. Both have since held news conferences to explain the incident and apologize for their stupidity. Gary felt really stupid for initiating the fight and Justin lamented that he only had one ball left.

Lucky for us, the paparazzi also recorded the entire event (clip 1, clip 2). Straight men!