What was going on when Sony ATV was accusing YG? Well, the entertainment founder, Yang Hyun Seok, spoke on this controversy. It was an extremely long interview, so this is just a small summary on it.

It took a while for them to speak publicly about this issue because they haven’t received the official statement on the original producers. YG continued that his music composers, Teddy, Kush, and G Dragon were hurt of all these accusations. Their pride as musicians have been damaged and will take a long time to heal.

YG also spoke on how Sony ATV claimed they gave warnings. YG commented on this saying that their documents weren’t real warnings. He believes they just used the statement, “We gave them warnings” for media purposes. Typical business thing to do. YG seems to have read them because he stated that the documents never contained anything about the opinions of the original composers which is what decides whether it was plagiarized coming from the people with the musical knowledge and background of the song.

Basically, YG claims all these accusations and “evidence” against them to be really unfair, and unexplained. Well, considering Sony ATV is a large company, they have the ability to do that. However, YG emphasizes that the original composers have not yet come to their official choice on whether the song is plagiarized.

I think they should give YG a break. YG is trying to bring American rap and hip hop to Korea and Asian countries. They should consider it an honor, if Asians were influenced by their music. As a result of all this chaos, YG has been damaged seriously.

Overall, during the interview, the way YG spoke was very professional, but he apologized over and over. He showed a sign of sadness, both to the fans and to his artists. It was very touching yet his sentences were captivating. For example,
A few days ago, Mariah Carey’s new song, “Standing O” teaser was released on Youtube. Comparing this song to “In the Club” (Song by 2NE1), you get 8 bars of similar parts. It is 24 seconds, instead of 5 seconds, also has it as its major motive, and adding up the similar parts together, results in approximately 1 minute. What is Sony ATV’s opinion towards this song? I don’t know, but I am sure that you can’t easily say that Mariah Carey has plagiarized 2NE1’s song that was released 3 months ago, although it contains longer and clearer motives from “In the Club”.
This sentences just had one word to define it. “Owned”

It is silly that Sony is overreacting. I understand they might be the company that produced the song, but the real judgement goes to their composers. If the composers also say that this song sounds too similar, then …who knows?

Credit: Allkpop